Our team includes personnel experienced in community development, marketing, and design. We have participated in carnival parades and cultural festivals around the world and have used these experiences to ensure we provide the best carnival experience to our masqueraders, from beginning to end.

Extacy Mas is a Los Angeles -based company that has offered Beautiful Carnival Costumes for over 6 years for a Macy's day parade like atmosphere. We are dedicated to making men and women explore new looks, feel a sense of glamour, flaunt their individuality, and provide an exciting experience With the emergence of the first Los Angeles Cultural Festival (Hollywood Carnival), in June 2012, Extacy Mas seized the opportunity to make its debut on the streets of Hollywood, and have been displaying our designs ever since. Extacy Mas has seen exponential growth since it's inception and expect our number of members to continue that trend in 2018.

The band’s goal is to offer extraordinary quality and service, while guaranteeing the true pleasures and bacchanal of Carnival.